ALIDA Environmental Engineering S.L.

Knowing is Doing, and for that, it’s necessary Being. We have knowledge and skills to solve any problems, adding value for our customers; since we understand, anticipate and satisfy their needs, expectations and opportunities in a sustainably manner.

¿Who is ALIDA?

It is an environmental engineering company with more than 25 years of experience and it has four departments:
Alida Ingeniería
Alida Paisajismo
Alida Educación Ambiental
Alida Ingeniería y Coaching
What are our values?


We put ourselves in the place of our client, in order to understand the most of their needs and add value to their resources.


We say frankly to customers what can be done and what cannot be done, always providing alternatives.


We always emerge stronger from each experience with our customers.

How are we different?


We approach every project, even very special or unique one, devoted to our clients all media and time he needs.

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