From Renouvelable to Renouvelable – FR Mat Tissu 60×60 Français (Customizable by buying 4 units)


Very useful in French classes to play at home, toy libraries, schools, institutes, environmental workshops, farm-schools, in the pool, in the park, in educational activities of the Town Halls … Tablecloth canvas format; waterproof and tear resistant, may wrinkle.

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At any age, from six years old, with friends and / or family or in class, through this simple board GAME, similar to that of the goose, you will begin to know the relationship between energy and the environment, to live in the culture of sustainable development.

From “Renewable to Renewable”, it will teach you by playing the favorable and unfavorable effects on the Environment of Energy consumption, as well as you will get up to date with the vocabulary that is commonly used on environment and energy and how it is measured.

On the 143 boxes that make up the game, grouped by energy sources and related topics, energy saving and respect for the environment are valued, positively or negatively. If the box is positive, you advance and have a better chance of winning. If the box is negative, you go back. If you land on one of the special squares – for example, if you shower instead of bathing, since you consume a quarter of energy, pollute a fourth part and it costs you a quarter – the game rewards you, advancing many squares at once .

Thus, in an enjoyable and simple way, you will learn about renewable and non-renewable energy sources, consumptions, reserves, applications, their effects, plans to reduce them such as the Kyoto Protocol…

And the most important, you will know the environmental effects of your day-to-day behavior, in: the use and purchase of electrical appliances, use of the car or public bus, responsible use of heating or air conditioning, as well as light, with the replacement of lights by low consumption, etc.

Finalmente, te animará a think about how it will be and what consequences the energy future implies.

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Canvas cloth


Unfolding: 60 cm x 60 cm. Rolled: 60 cm long by 6 cm de diameter


game board with 143 squares.