ALIDA Engineering and Coaching

“A dance between BEING and DOING”.

The Coaching Department of ALIDA Ingeniería del Medio S.L. He bases his work on ingenuity to accompany you to discover and develop yourself as a person and as a professional from Excellence, applying all our knowledge and experiences, after 25 years of undertaking.


ALIDA Project and People Development


Project development and entrepreneurship. Mentoring.


Personal development and career guidance.


Sessions and processes. Coaching.


Transformation and Life project.


Baths of Silence and Nature.


Reflection groups on The Silence, The Rush and other topics...


Sustainable management of emotions and soft skills.


Training through Masterclass, Seminars, Courses or Programs tailored according to needs, etc.


These are some of the projects that we have carried out in these years:


  • 2020-2021 Training in CONVERSATIONS in Civsem’s international Personal Development and Professional Orientation program, Worldwide Experience, from the first to the fifth edition (WE05) that begins on October 17, 2021.
  • December 6, 2020: Seminar on What does Coaching contribute to Engineering ?, within the “Café Forestal” meetings of the Official College of Forest Technical Engineers.


  • Since 2016, study and application of Personal Development and Professional Guidance methodologies, acquired by Alicia de la Fuente López at CIVSEM, Values Research Center, in Madrid, as Coach, Mentor and Trainer in different national and international courses and programs:

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