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The Environmental Education Department of ALIDA Ingeniería del Medio S.L bases its work on the playful dissemination of content on the relationship between Energy and the Environment. We also teach Sustainable Forest Management and the Restoration of the degraded Natural Environment, to children, adolescents, adults and companies.


After many years of experience, we are experts in:


Development of Educational Materials.


Environmental education courses


Dynamization of fairs and events


Educational routes


I + D + i projects in the fight against Climate Change, through education in the relationship between Energy and the Environment


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Project LEARN BY PLAYING AND TEACH BY PLAYING: Energy and its relationshio with the Envornment

On Friday, April 12, 2024, in the town of Alcañices (Zamora), within the framework of the European Sustainable Energy Days, the Alcañices Energy Day will take place under the auspices of the European Commission and the European Energy Week.


  • Participant introduction in the pilot experience
  • Presentation of the results obtained
  • Possibilities of disseminating the experience in similar areas, in Spain, Europe, and the world.
  • Game session, over a carpet format, for teenagers and older participants > giving the same game in English to the winners, in a canvas format so they can take it with them for summer to the pool, beach…
  • Thank you to everyone for their trust and voluntary participation in this pilot experience, with games provided by the anniversary of ALIDA.

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These are some of the projects we have carried out in these 25 years:


  • Since 2016, study and application of Personal Development and Professional Guidance methodologies, acquired by Alicia de la Fuente at CIVSEM, in Madrid, as COACH, Mentor and Trainer in different national and international courses and programs:
Partida infantil con el juego "de Renovable a Renovable" sobre alfombra en la "Feria de Stockaje" de Guadarrama

Children’s game with the game “from Renewable to Renewable” on carpet at the “Stock Market Fair” in Guadarrama

Partida infantil del juego "de Renovable a Renovable" sobre alfombra en el "mercado nocturno" de Guadarrama.

Children’s game of the game “from Renewable to Renewable” on a carpet in the “night market” of Guadarrama.

  • July 2015 (ACEG – Guadarrama City Council): Dynamization of the Stock Market Fair and the Guadarrama Night Market (Madrid) with the game from R to R, outdoors:
  • February 2010 (Guadarrama City Council (Madrid) – Ministry of Tourism.): Best score among the management proposals submitted to the ideas competition for the project “Guadarrama Nature Interpretation Center”, based mainly on Global Environmental Education , and getting the project the second absolute prize
Infografía de las instalaciones presentadas a concurso

Infographic of the facilities submitted to the competition

  • October 2008 (CESEFOR, Center for forestry services and promotion and its industry in Castilla y León). With the game “Oca de la Bioenergía” an On Line Contest was held to which all the Institutes of Castilla y León were invited to participate, the winners being selected to participate in the final at the Expobioenergía 2008 Valladolid Fair.
Stand en la Feria Expobioenergía de Valladolid

Stand at the Expobioenergía Fair in Valladolid

Juego On Line de la Oca de la Bioenergía, en concurso

On Line Game of the Bioenergy Goose, in competition


Sustainable Energy for Europe 2005-2011
The Bioenergy Goose game was welcomed as a ‘partner’ in the European awareness campaign to change the energy landscape.

An initiative of the European Commission, Directorate General for Energy and Transport

The game “Oca de la Bioenergía” was designed in a web format, free on the internet from 2008 to 2015, with the aim of promoting knowledge of the benefit, use and respect of bioenergy, in an enjoyable and simple way. It consisted of 25 boxes of the Educational Game “from Renewable to Renewable” and 30 specific boxes on bioenergy designed for CESEFOR, which financed its launch on the website and contest. The game consists of 4 parts:

PART 1: Level 1: Purpose: 1 To play a simple goose, being a very dynamic game, regardless of the content that is heard in the speech and that is written in each square of the board. 2º Become familiar with the vocabulary about bioenergy and become aware of the current importance of this topic. Recipients: from 6 to 11 years old (primary) or any consumer up to 99 years and over. Type of game: the simplest on the market, OCA = “roll a dice”.

PART 2: Level 2: Purpose: 1st Play. 2nd Training, learning … Recipients: 12 to 16 years (secondary) or any consumer with concerns about self-training on this topic of bioenergy. Type of game: goose + QUESTIONS “trivial type”.

PART 3: Level 3: Purpose: 1st Play. 2º Give your opinion and start making decisions… Recipients: from 17 years old (high school and higher levels) and staff from the unions involved in bioenergy. Type of game: goose + questions + PROBLEMS “calcu-impact type” (energy calculator with CO2 equivalents) with a set of equivalence tables to correctly answer the problems.

PART 4: Environmental information: Purpose: to have a well of information for consultation with the description of each box (File), and with the questions and problems (without answer) associated with each of the 55 boxes, regardless of whether it is played in any level or not. Recipients: General public.

By being able to go up in level of difficulty, it is a game for ALL ages and ALL audiences.

  • December 2006: Design, creation and patent of the Educational Game “From Renewable to Renewable”, (“from R to R”) presented as a business gift for the 10th anniversary of the creation of ALIDA Engineering del Medio S.L. Later in commercialization test as playful material to Educate in Energy and Environment, using different formats. Translated the board in Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Italian. It has been tested with great success, in addition to Spain, in Italy, France, Germany, Australia and the United States, mainly in schools with Spanish as a foreign language, where the game is a very useful tool.
Juego de mesa de Renovable a Renovable

Board game “From Renewable to Renewable”

  • June 2002 (General Directorate of Educational Centers. Council of Education of the Community of Madrid): creation of the idea, writing and development of the Education Project “Energy and its relationship with the Environment” (peerma), Followed in 88 IES , with an average per course of 16,000 students, 650 groups and 350 teachers. ALIDA was invited to present the project in Brussels at the ManagEnergy Annual Conference, in the “Sustainable Energy Week 2008: energy education – bringing energy awareness to schools”.
Don quijote y Sancho Panza

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

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